Backlinks Still Matter – It’s All About Quality

Are you one of the millions of website owners perplexed by Backlinks? The recent Google changes have only affected websites relying on low quality, irrelevant Backlinks to obtain top Search Engine Rankings. Many website owners relied solely upon saturating their website in hundreds, even thousands, of low quality Backlinks to obtain top search engine rankings and have now drowned in those low quality links once and for all.

Google changes simply mean that websites with great content and high quality Backlinks will be rewarded for their efforts. This is a good thing. Finally efforts will be validated.

Yet, there has been a mass outpouring of confusion about whether Backlinks remain a useful tools for increasing website rankings at all. Many website owners have removed Backlinks altogether. However, they have found this has now adversely affected their rankings and are lamenting the loss of those high quality Backlinks. So, do Backlinks even matter? Yes, they sure do. But it’s all about quality, not quantity. 구글상위노출
Basically, Backlinks work via a PR (PageRank) Points system. The more points, the higher the PR value of a Backlink. Below is the PR Points Table – the more PR points the better the Backlink quality.

PR (PageRank) Points Table eg: 1 = PR1

1 = 8 points
2 = 64 points
3 = 512 points
4 = 4096 points
5 = 32768 points
6 = 262144 points
7 = 2097152 points
8 = 16777216 points
9 = 134217728 points
10 = 1073741824 points

What we learn from the above table is our aim is to have Backlinks with high PR points as these are the ones that matter.

It seems simple, however there is yet another catch. A quality Backlink is also one that is relevant to your website. Relevant Backlinks are those that are related to the content in your website. If you have a blog about mice, then a Backlink to a site about cosmetics is not considered relevant!

Alright, so now we know that Backlinks are certainly important to assist with increasing our website rankings, but where do we find high quality Backlinks? There are numerous software programs available that are genuine and will provide you with excellent Backlink references. IBP (Internet Business Promoter) is just one. If you take your SEO seriously it is worth investing in a program like this.

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