Make a ‘Smart’ Move… Shrink the World With Smartphones

Nowadays, mobile phones do not just serve as a means to chat with your colleagues and near and dear ones. Mobile phones of today come with advanced information access features that facilitate connectivity and communication, wherever you are.

Smartphones are gaining popularity day by day. With these high-end communication devices, geographic distance is no more a barrier. You can stay connected to your friends, family and colleagues, wherever you are across the globe.

A smartphone is a high-end full-featured mobile phone, which apart from being a telephone, offers advanced information access features, such as e-mails, text messaging, Web access, voice recognition, personal organiser and so on. A smartphone also provides PC-like functionality.

The major operating system environments in which smartphones operate are:


  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • Palm
  • Windows Mobile


Full-fledged e-mail support is an important and more or less a “must-be-there” characteristic of a smartphone. In fact, most smartphones are camera phones that support full-featured e-mail capabilities with the functionality of a complete personal organiser.
Smartphones of today also offer rudimentary PDA functionality such as phonebooks, calendars, and task lists. You can business documents in a variety of formats such as, PDF and MS Office while you are on a business tour.
So, a smartphone offers the following ‘smart’ features: oppo a53


  • Internet access
  • e-mail access
  • scheduling software, such as a personal organiser
  • built-in camera
  • contact management
  • some navigation software


The Nokia N80 is a very popular smartphone. It comes equipped with calendar, contacts, task list, email and PIM. Nokia N80 enables you to conduct video conference calls or share files during conversation. In addition, Nokia N80 offers PC Suite that helps you to keep your smartphone and your PC in perfect harmony.



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